Got any plans?

Getting there has always been half the fun. The other half – maintaining your standards once you’ve arrived – that’s where we come in.

Welcome to FMi Blogspot, the interactive core of our digital retirement-planning services. Part newswire, part message board, Blogspot is the best way for retirement-plan managers and participants to keep up with FMi’s myriad programs and the latest developments in the retirement realm – the ultimate one-stop resource for anyone seeking retirement solutions.

Like any full-service retirement plan provider, FMi can handle plan design and installation and a host of other administrative and investment services. But the personal attention we give to every client, question and concern sets FMi apart. That starts with open and candid communication, and to that end, we hope Blogspot will become a true dialogue – an online Q&A between FMi and its clients that answers all the most pressing questions, and poses new ones we hadn’t considered. That’s how we learn.

For our part, we’ll be consulting with our worldwide roster of fund managers and investment specialists to craft smart and timely posts filled with critical information no employer or employee should miss. We hope and expect these nuggets of wisdom will spark conversations – between FMi and our clients, between employers and employees, between investors facing the same challenging scenarios – and that the ensuing exchange of data and experiences will prove invaluable to our clients and visitors.

The debut of FMi Blogspot coincides with the launch of our new website, which details FMi’s services in the U.S., Bermuda and abroad. Fine-tuned for easy navigation and absolutely overflowing with investment options, the site is our client’s online home for easy management of their company’s pension plans – or their own.

We also invite you to sign up for FMi Retirement Zone, our new monthly electronic newsletter. The Retirement Zone will be filled to the digital brim with the same great information on U.S.- and offshore-based mutual funds, local investments around the globe and privately managed accounts in domestic and international jurisdictions – sent right to your inbox.

Getting there is still half the fun. With decades of international experience and our multitude of digital services, FMi just helps you get there right, so you can keep having fun later.

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