Group Discussion

Do you have a retirement solution?

You hear that term a lot today, “retirement solution,” but what is it about, really? For some, that’s a difficult question to answer since their retirement solution is not clear. At FMi, that’s not a viable option. We say there’s a correct retirement solution for everyone, and finding it is about planning and preparing.

Are you saving? How much? Sure, you work hard, but are you taking money out of your retirement plan to travel and buy cars? The 401(k) plan was created as a vehicle for retirement, but all too often we think of it like a checking account, with an available balance to be constantly attacked – by loans and other in-service withdrawals that stop the 401(k) from growing and providing its top retirement income.

Have you thought about how much you’ll need to supplement your retirement income and where it will all come from? By starting the savings process earlier and contributing to it more frequently, you can build a substantial nest egg. Although it’s been proven many times that it’s better to start saving early and letting that money work for you, many of us still put it off, believing we can “pack it away” later in life. This is the kind of thing FMi understands – the difference between saving money and saving pre-tax money, how this affects paychecks and how, by saving gradually, your balance can quickly grow.

Do you feel there’s enough participant education in the mechanics of your retirement plan? Do you understand the intricacies of tax-deferred earnings and dollar-cost averaging?

But only you know what is most important when it comes to your personal retirement solution. That’s why we want to hear from you directly, in this forum, which is a great place for a discussion about the retirement issues that concern you most. So tell us … what are your questions?

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