The first snow of the season lent an ideal backdrop to the festive spirit felt by those involved in FMi’s 2011 holiday party. The cheerful atmosphere was evident from the moment everyone climbed aboard the chartered bus at corporate headquarters. There was a ‘buzz’ in the air, and while the precipitation remained constant, the excitement among the participants was snowballing.

Danielle, Dina, Jessica & Fatima

The first stop for FMi’s party was the beautiful Shinn Estate Vineyards. Owner/proprietor Barbara Shinn was extremely gracious and accommodating as she gave the group a brief tour of her vineyards, giving everyone a general overview of how the business operates. As interesting as it was, everyone was eager to head inside for the tasting Ms. Shinn had waiting. The room was warm and inviting, and held numerous bottles for the sampling. The group left with a greater understanding of what goes into running a vineyard, as well as a better understanding of the complex flavors and aromas of wine.

From there the bus traveled to Roanake Vineyards, where again they were greeted with a sensational assortment of fine wines from which to partake.

FMi Retirement Services, Holiday Party, Shinn Vineyards, Roanoke Vineyards

David, Connie, Eric & Peter

All that tasting made everyone hungry, so it was on to the Cooperage Inn for lunch, and a rousing ‘pep’ speech from brothers Peter Macaluso and Eric Macaluso. The good food, fine wine, and great conversations made for a day that epitomized the spirit of the holidays.

“I truly look forward each year to our FMi Christmas party, not only to enjoy the great food, laughter, and a day out of the office, but it lets me spend time with my co-workers who feel more like family,” said Danielle Durso,  “And that’s what the Christmas season is all about.”

Unlike the somewhat boisterous ride to the vineyard, the bus ride home was far quieter, with everyone basking in the warmth and memories of the day. To one person, it was an absolute crowd-pleaser. “This was my first holiday party with FMi,” noted Joel Harris, “and already I’m looking forward to next year’s event. I really enjoyed being with my fellow workers in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. It was fine wine, fine food, and fine company…what more could you want from a holiday party?”

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